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Bolt, Stub Axle
Bolt, Stub Axle
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The Kingpin – Essential for Steering

The kingpin, or king pin, is an essential part of the steering system and suspension in cars, and sits between the pivot arm and wheel. It works in conjunction with the other system mechanics to allow for smooth, responsive driving. This pin, although often overlooked in vehicle services, is important and should thus be well maintained. When the pin becomes worn, your driving experience will quickly deteriorate, and other costly issues may also arise.

Kingpin Inclination Explained

The inclination of the pin is something that has been developed and adapted over many years of auto mechanics. However, modern designs have the pin sitting at a slight angle whereas it once sat directly vertical, which helps with a number of aspects. One aspect is that the tyre wears evenly and weight is distributed equally. As a by-product this creates an effect that the wheel angles back to the centre when released. Different vehicles are calibrated in different ways, and the kingpin inclination is also specific to different car models. More information about all cars’ specifics can easily be obtained from a knowledgeable mechanic.

Replacing the Steering Kingpin

Although this is a part that does not need frequent renewing, it is important that it be paid special attention and that adjustments are made to keep the various aspects functioning correctly. If you feel that your drive is wild and erratic, and that it does not handle well on gravel roads, this may be a symptom that your kingpins are wearing. Keep in mind that this could lead cars’ tyres to wear unevenly, and can very quickly lead to the costly result of needing new tyres. Hence, keeping an eye on this often overlooked part is essential, and will end up saving you money in the long run.