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Car Interior Lights – Many Bulbs to Change

There are many car interior lights, more than one would initially assume. There are dashboard lights, reading lights, door lights, glove compartment lights, and more, depending on the car. Keeping all these car interior lights working can be a major task, depending on how easily accessible the bulbs are. Thankfully, the bulbs cost next to nothing and are mostly easy to replace. The trick is, however, knowing which bulb to use in which light fitting.

The Right Car Interior Light Bulbs

Car interior lights may use one of many light bulbs, so many that it can often become confusing, and sometimes result in a purchase of light bulbs that are incorrect. To avoid such waste of time and money, remove the car interior light first and take the bulb to a store. This way the bulb can simply be shown to someone in-store and the correct one purchased. Also keep in mind that the same bulb may come in different wattages, and that a brighter or dimmer bulb may be a matter of personal preference.

Replacing Car Interior Light Bulbs

Replacing a car interior light bulb can be a very simple task, or sometimes a frustratingly difficult one, but never normally requires any specific technical know-how. In most cases a cover need simply be removed, the bulb unscrewed and a new one fitted. The problem can be, though, knowing a specific trick to removing a light cover. In such cases the process is normally described in the car’s manual, but in the case of the manual not being available it can simply be a case of trial and error. Persistence is normally key in such cases, but a professional mechanic may also be asked for advice to avoid frustration.