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Indicator Lights Add Safety to a Car

Car indicator lights are an integral part of the safety of the vehicle. Without these lights properly working, the vehicle behind you has no idea that you are preparing to turn, and this can cause major accidents. Usually, these turn signal lights are present on all four corners of the vehicle and, in more modern vehicles, they can also be housed in the side mirrors for added visibility. These lights are usually seated in a yellow plastic casing and are easy to replace if they get cracked or broken. Simply punch in the year model, make and engine capacity of your car and order your component online at the click of a button. You’ll have a replacement in no time at all.

Indicator Light Control Functions

Indicator lights are engaged from the stalk, usually situated at the driver’s position near the steering column. By activating this stalk, either down to turn left, or up to turn right, the bulb within the indicator housings on the outside of the vehicle will start flickering, indicating that the vehicle is about to turn. Sometimes if you find that the normal indicator is double-timing, it indicates that either the bulb in the indicator needs replacement or there is a wiring problem within the indicator circuit.

Find a Replacement Indicator Light

If you are experiencing problems with the functioning of the indicator lights in your car, purchasing a replacement indicator housing and bulb online is as easy as the click of a button. By law, all indicator lights need to be operational in a vehicle to improve visibility for other drivers and alert them of a change of direction. Regularly check the condition of these lights in your vehicle and, if you notice they are damaged or not working, have them replaced.