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Car Immobilisers – Find Your Car Where you Left it

It is said that prevention is better than cure, and with a car immobiliser fitted in your vehicle that statement has never been more true. The simple sight of a blinking red light is enough to scare off a car thief, making a car immobiliser the ultimate prevention for theft. Of course, if the car is stolen it will disable shortly after, leaving the thief perplexed and your vehicle ready to be easily recovered. When combined with a GPS system this is especially effective. A car immobiliser is also of great benefit when taking into account insurance costs. Some insurance companies will even insist that an immobiliser be installed.

Fitting a Car Immobiliser

Car immobilisers can be fitted in the vast majority of vehicles, and are not very expensive considering the benefits, especially when weighing the cost against an entire new vehicle. In modern vehicles it is also possible to integrate car immobilisers with other locking systems for maximum convenience. For example, a car immobiliser may disable the vehicle and lock all the doors, trapping the thief inside for the police to collect.

Additional Benefits of a Car Immobiliser

Also consider that many car immobilisers offer an anti-hijack function