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Ignition Coil
Ignition Coil
5DA 193 175-561
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What Is an Ignition Module Control Unit?

An ignition module control unit is used to control the ignition timing in a car’s engine. What the ignition module control unit does is adjust the timing exactly of the spark coming from the spark plugs in any of the cylinders and this improves fuel economy and performance.

When Should I Renew the Ignition Module Control Unit in My Car?

Usually your service centre will alert you if they pick up any irregularities with the ignition module control unit. If you find that your car’s engine is not running as it should, then it is suggested that you ask your mechanic to check the ignition module control unit. The first step is to go online in the comfort of your own home and log onto Next, enter the parts you require into the search menu and when the parts from a variety of different manufacturers pop up, select the parts you need and add them to your online basket. Now go to the checkout stage of the purchase and enter the delivery address you require for delivery. This can either be your home address or the address of your chosen fitment centre. Finally, complete the easy remaining payment fields and sit back and wait for your parts to be delivered. Purchasing online is the easiest option by far.