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What is a car heater hose?

A car heater hose is quite simply a hose through which the warm or hot water from the radiator is moved through the car's heating system. It goes without saying that a vehicle's heating system mainly consists of a series of hoses and pumps. Though the overall arrangement of the system will differ slightly from one vehicle to the next, the hoses still play a major role.

What makes a heater hose different?

Most people assume that a heater hose can be replaced with any regular sized hose. However, contrary to this assumption a car heater hose needs to be able to withstand the frequent circulation of hot water or coolant through the system. On average the hose needs to be able to handle around 120-degree centigrade if not more without bending, melting or bursting. The hose also needs to be able to expand as the heat increases to prevent a sudden explosion in the system. So, heater hoses are designed to make sure that they can handle just about every type of condition.

Buying high-quality car heater hoses

One of the things you need to keep in mind when replacing your car heater hose is to buy one that's especially meant for a heating system. These hoses are often thick and insulated with an extra thick layer of stiff material. That said its always a good idea to buy these hoses from a well-known manufacturer and should come ideally backed by a warranty. In addition to the quality, you also need to make sure that the hose is of the right size and shape. Always compare the existing hose with the one you're buying from us. If you still need help do not hesitate to get in touch with or the phone or via email.