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Car Heaters – Your Best Friend in the Winter Season

Most drivers don’t think about their car heaters too much until the cold season strikes. Then there is a last minute scramble to diagnose and repair any problems. Thankfully an internal car heater system is of a simple design, and is normally easy to use and maintain. However, if you have a problem such as a leaking core, the problem can be expensive to repair, in which case a customer might consider alternative accessories when the temperature begins to plummet.

Some Customers prefer 12v Car Heater Solutions

A customer may consider the use of a portable 12v car heater to be their best option. This is one of those car parts with many benefits, but which also comes with drawbacks. Firstly, one must consider that the 12v of electrical power which is drawn for a portable heat solution is a significant amount. Running this before the engine is turning over may drain the battery power completely, especially if you have other accessories plugged in, leaving you with a warm car interior but not much else. Hence, it is wise to have the vehicle’s engine running and battery charging before turning up the heat.

Portable Heater Safety is Best

Using portable 12v heaters in a closed space does come with potential hazards. Fire hazards, to be more specific. Generally a 12v does not provide enough heat to ignite car upholstery or other accessories, but if you are going to use the power of a portable heater, being aware, alert, and cautious is never a bad idea, since little could be more disastrous then an unexpected fire while driving on the freeway.