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What is a Heater Flap Box?

A heater flap box is also referred to as the heating box or heater unit. It's built into the console of most cars and consists of various parts including the blower. In the vast majority of cars the box is durable and can last for a very long time. That said the things inside the box like the blower unit, heating elements, etc. might need to be repaired after a while. Also, in older cars, the box can crack and break which may prompt a total replacement. Fortunately, replacing the box is not expensive, and most car repair professionals can do it for you.

How to buy a replacement heating box?

The easiest way to purchase the right replacement for your car is to search our website via part number. However, some models of vehicles may use a box that’s hard to find in that case you’ll have to buy a generic one which is tailored to your vehicle. Buying a generic box is something that only a professional can recommend based on an examination of your vehicle. The mechanic will then be able to advise you on which generic box to buy. The good news is that we sell an array of heater flap boxes for all modern vehicles.

Buy today and save money

Whether you own the latest Civic or an old Mercedes, we sell the heater flap box for most cars and that too at discounted prices. So, you can buy the heater box today at a discounted price from and get free shipping.