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Harness, Combination Rearlight
Harness, Combination Rearlight
8KL 340 050-001
Art.No.:  10352741

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Renew the harness

It is easier to replace a harness in the car, than to find the defective area on a cable. Cable sets, which may be frequently moved, for example in the doors or in the tailgate, are particularly vulnerable to damage. Broken wires and loose contacts are the most common problems. Corrosion caused by moisture in older vehicles can also be a problem. Often damage expresses itself through the failure of the electric components in the door or the luggage compartment flap. The window opener no longer works or the rear wiper refuses its service.

Find the appropriate harness

If a new harness is to be installed, there are a few things to note in advance. To order the correct cable set, you need to check how many cables in the cable set connections are required, what the connections look like, and how long the entire cable set must be. Importantly, at the doors and tailgate reserves must be complied for movement. In the number of lines in the cable set you can confidently have more. As long as it is not a line too few.

Replace the harness

Replacing a harness is a lengthy job that must be carried out carefully. If the cables are already fitted with connectors, then the replacement is quite easy. If not, you'll need to find a suitable place where you can open the cable set and connect your spare harness. For the ports you should create a memo with the conducting wire connections. To correct a split wire at the end is very annoying and can be avoided.