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Door Handles – Individualizing Your Car

Those who are serious about the aesthetic appeal of their automobile go to great lengths to organise custom parts, turning a simple means of transportation into a statement of individuality. Many thousands can be spent in this way, and new parts can be added on a regular basis, with some owners even installing a custom cosmetic part, in chrome or a number of other finishes, every time their car receives a service. One of the most popular custom parts to add to a car’s body is door handles, to the interior and exterior, front and rear.

Custom Made Handles

Depending on the model of your car, there may be dozens of designs from which to choose, created from a list of materials that range from stainless steel and chrome, to high quality plastics. Others even get these and other auto parts custom made, which may be a more expensive alternative, but the striking visual effect it creates is well worth it.

Handles – Essential Parts for Car Enthusiasts

"For some a vehicle’s door handle is a simple service mechanism for access to a car’s interior, but for others it can represent personality and character. Owners should ask: does the design match the body? Do the interior handles match the exterior