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Car Haldex Couplings – Luxury Control System

Car Haldex couplings refer to a system in vehicles where power can be distributed between front and rear wheel drive, helping the car keep traction on difficult terrain. It is a system exclusive to just a few models of vehicle, and is often referred to as a luxury, but provides a much increased level of control over the vehicle. Often car Haldex coupling is found on vehicles designed for off-road, helping with dirt roads and other hazardous surfaces. It is not something that can be easily fitted to a car not specifically designed for it.

Benefits of Car Haldex Couplings

Over a few generations car Haldex couplings have advanced tremendously, creating a type of traction control that automatically shifts power between rear and front wheel drive to provide excellent traction. Although this can often be done manually, the car Haldex coupling system does so automatically, greatly helping the driver in difficult situations. Also, as of the more recent models, the system has advanced to vehicles not exclusively associated with off-road driving. It is, however, still a system that is best suited for difficult terrain.

Repairing Car Haldex Coupling Systems

This complex and highly innovative system is not something that can be easily repaired, and will most certainly require the assistance of skilled and highly-trained mechanics. In addition, since the car Haldex couplings are integrated into the vehicle's mechanics, it can be a very costly and time-consuming task. Thankfully the system is not known to have problems or need regular maintenance, so this should not be a concern in a vehicle’s entire lifespan if the car is well looked after. For more information about a car Haldex coupling system please contact your mechanic and specify your vehicle and model.