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Glow Indicator
Glow Indicator
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Use the Glow Control Unit to Fire Up Your Glow Plugs!

Diesel engines need extra help to start in cold temperatures. Drivers of diesel engines know the importance of glow plugs to add extra heat for starting the engine. Make sure that you can activate the plugs in your car with an efficient glow control unit. For optimal performance, replace your unit by ordering from our range of quality spare parts on

Improve Your Cold Start With a Control Unit

The glow control unit activates the glow plugs and regulates the temperature in the engine. The glow plugs can then help to start the engine. During the winter months you need your diesel engine to start smoothly and with less noise. Enhance your engine’s cold start and replace your glow control unit today. You can find the spare parts that you need by searching through our website and ordering the right parts to suit your car's make and your budget. Replace your glow plugs and glow control unit to efficiently warm up your engine. Search through the categories using our search function. The search results will show you the items we have available as well as the lower prices. Order one that is right for your car make or model for maximum performance. After payment, you will have your spare parts delivered to you at an address of your choice.