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Repair Oil Leaks with a Timing Case Gasket

The timing case gasket is essential as a working seal connecting the timing case and the engine block. You will know when your timing case gasket is damaged as you will see oil or coolant leaks in your engine. This is an indication that it is time to replace it with one of our gaskets on offer at Our range of top-quality replacement parts will ensure that you find the gasket that suits both your car and wallet.

A Timing Case Gasket to Correct Your Engine’s Timing!

The timing case protects the components in the engine, such as the timing chain and belt. It seals the engine block ensuring that all the mechanics inside work optimally without interference. If you experience problems with your timing gears or belt, it could be a faulty timing case gasket. In this case it needs to be replaced. After replacing the gasket, make sure that you also check that the timing components are also in good condition. Avoid unnecessary oil and coolant leaks by ordering your spare parts online from us for quick and convenient repairs. The timing chain and gears need to be lubricated with engine oil in order to perform smoothly. When leaks occur you need to replace the timing case gasket. You can find all the replacement gaskets you need through our search function.