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Why is your Gasket-oil-pan so important?  

The Gasket-oil-pan helps to keep the oil within the car, i.e., prevent it from leaking. The only time the oil should be let out of the vehicle is when it needs to be replaced. However, some cars may require replacing the gasket each time the oil is changed. Thankfully gaskets are not expensive and replacing one is also very simple. That said neglecting to replace the gasket can cause the oil to leak which if anything can cause harm to your engine and to any other parts on which it drips. It goes without saying that hot oil is damaging and so any leaks should be prevented.  

How to replace the gasket?  

Replacing the oil gasket in most vehicles is very simple. All that’s required is to undo the nuts from under the oil pan and remove it. Then place the gasket on the pan and redo the bolts. The entire task takes just a couple of minutes. However, it is important to refer to your car’s user manual to determine what size bolts are used and exactly which tools are needed for the job. That said all cars don’t require that you replace the Gasket-oil-pan each time the oil is changed. If you are unsure, it is important to refer to a professional mechanic for advice.  

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