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Gas springs in vehicles

Gas springs are common in many vehicles and are used to keep the hatchback or the boot open. Gas springs can also be found at the front of vehicles, where they are used to keep the bonnet open. These types of springs use compressed gas which is contained in a cylinder. A piston pushes against the compressed gas and this causes the action that forces the spring open. In larger vehicles, where the springs need to support heavier loads, heavier duty springs are used to compensate for the added weight. Gas springs are even utilised to operate the main valve on Formula 1 racing cars. There are many different uses for gas springs in vehicles. Don’t worry too much if you find your gas struts are not working correctly as they are inexpensive and easy to replace.

When to change gas springs

If you find that the gas strut is not supporting the weight it is supposed to (sometimes called a slow-dampening spring), there might well be a hole in the plunger end of the spring. In this instance it is important to replace the spring with a new one. Most gas springs have a model number but if the spring does not have one of these model numbers, quoting the make and year model of your vehicle will tell you the correct spring for your vehicle.

Gas spring maintenance

Unfortunately, because of the nature of gas springs and the high pressures that are involved in their manufacture, it is not possible to recondition them. Once the gas spring has lost its elasticity, or there is a reduction in the gas or damage to the plunger within the spring, it will need to be replaced. Gas springs are not expensive to replace and their application is very easy.