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Tank, Fuel
Tank, Fuel
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What is a fuel tank?

All cars, trucks and even motorcycles have a fuel tank. The purpose of the tank is to store fuel i.e. gasoline. In its simplest form a fuel tank is a durable metal encased, structure which has been designed to be spark and static proof. Many of the latest fuel tanks incorporate sensors and various other parts which are meant to report the status of the fuel in the tank. However, despite the tank being simple it can fail and require replacement. Though fuel tank replacements are rare in vehicles that are a few years old, an accident can easily damage the tank especially if the car was hit from the rear.

How to know something is wrong?

There are some instances in which it’s a good idea to get the fuel tank replaced which include but are not limited to extensive rusting of the tank, leaks, and damage caused by an accident. If it’s a problem with the sensor or any other part, those can easily be changed with new parts. That said if you experience an issue with your tank it’s always a good idea to visit a certified mechanic to get the car examined thoroughly.

Buying the right tank

Even though all fuel tanks may look the same in reality, there are of different sizes and shapes. Some tanks can store 37 litres of petrol which larger ones can store up to 50 litres. The only way to buy the right tank for your vehicle is to search our website via part number. We currently sell the high-quality fuel tanks by brands such as Wan Wezel so you can always be assured of buying a reliable tank. Though if you still need help finding the right tank for your vehicle do not hesitate to call or email us right away.