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The job of a fuel supply system

The reason for a fuel supply system is simple. It is needed to discharge fuel to the engine in a certain way so that it is able to combine the air and fuel in order to form the combustible mixture that allows it to roar to life. In order for the fuel to mix with the air properly, it has to be atomized and this is why some injection systems are used, as they discharge the fuel under pressure.

What the fuel supply system consists of

A fuel pump is used to draw up the fuel from the tank. From there, it is discharged to the SOI (solenoid operated injection) valves. It is important that the pressure at the valves is well maintained within the fuel supply system and it is for this reason that a fuel pressure regulator is used. The regulator keeps the fuel pressure in perfect condition, allowing all the excess fuel to flow directly back to the tank. The fuel filter is located between the injection valves and the pump. Its main purpose is to keep the fuel clean and to stop dirt from getting into other parts of the fuel supply system. The entire fuel supply system is vital for the functioning of your vehicle, and every aspect of this system is important and should always be taken care of.