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The importance of the fuel filter

Fuel filters are an integral part of all vehicles and without them the vehicle would not be able to operate. Petrol is pumped into the fuel tank and the filter is the component that acts to change fuel into a cleaner form before it reaches the engine. If filters are dirty, they are will not allow sufficient fuel to reach the engine and the engine will not function properly. A blocked or dirty fuel pump will cause the vehicle to splutter and choke off as the engine does not receive enough fuel.

A quality fuel filter every time

A blocked filter will not allow enough fuel to pass along the fuel lines to the engine and this in turn will not allow the fuel reach the spark plugs properly, where the combustion of the fuel takes place and drives the vehicle forward. Most auto repair shops will be able to ascertain if the fuel filters or fuel pump are dirty and need replacement.

Use a top branded fuel filter

Sometimes filling up with fuel that is dirty can block the fuel filter and cause insufficient delivery of fuel to the engine. Filters on vehicles should be changed regularly to avoid blockages. Never use old fuel that has been lying around in a garage as it might be very dirty and this will clog the fuel lines and filters very quickly. This same standard of cleanliness should also apply to your engine oil. Fuel filters do a wonderful job of screening out rust and dirt particles in the fuel tank before they reach the engine.