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Original VAICO Quality, Filter, Fuel
Original VAICO Quality, Filter, Fuel
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The Fuel Filter in Cars

All cars and trucks make use of a fuel filter. What this part does is to filter out any impurities and sediment from the fuel to stop it from getting into the carburettor or fuel injection system. The dirt and impurities can cause problems within the combustion chamber of the cc, such as uneven idling, misfiring and complete shut down of the engine. This is why it is so important to have a fully functioning fuel filter at all times. Usually the fuel filter should be changed regularly on a vehicle to circumvent the fuel system of the engine getting clogged with excess dirt.

What Does a Traditional Fuel Filter Look Like?

In most cars, the fuel filter is housed in a self-contained unit. The fuel drawn out of the fuel tank passes through the fuel filter where the fuel is filtered for any impurities or dirt. Once the fuel has passed through this filter, it then moves into the engine where it is ignited within the combustion chamber and the fuel drives the pistons to propel the vehicle forward. If the fuel wasn't cleaned by the filter, the fuel injection jets and the carburettor would become clogged with dirt and grime.

How to Purchase the Correct Fuel Filter

The first step to an easy online purchase of a fuel filter for your vehicle is to have the make, year model and engine size of your vehicle handy. Once you have located the correct fuel filter for your car, go ahead with the online purchase and select the delivery address of your choice, either directly to the service department, or to your front door. Ensure that your car runs as smoothly as it should by replacing the fuel filter on a regular basis.