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What is a Car Flasher Unit Relais?

When it comes to buying a flasher unit, it is essential to know that there are two major types. One type is operated using a bimetallic strip which happens to expand and then contract as current passes. The other one is relay operated, usually connected via a transistor laden circuit. The with a bimetallic strip is easier to find and determine if it is working because it makes a clicking sound. However, the other one is harder to find if there is damage. Most modern vehicles come equipped with the latest transistor laden flashers which last a long time, but when they fail, it's important to replace those immediately with one that’s designed for the car.

How to find a faulty flasher?

If your car has a flasher using that bimetallic strip, then that’s easy to locate. To find out if it's faulty you just need to check the circuit with a test lamp or tester. The other type which consists of a transistor will not make any sound if its damaged. So, the only way to determine if it is at fault is to eliminate faults with all other components which are part of the circuit. Which means check the fuses, the relays, resistors, and capacitors. Once you find a faulty Car Flasher Unit Relais remove it and use the part number to buy a replacement.

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