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Filters – promoting peak performance in your vehicle

The correct servicing requirements of all vehicles clearly states that the air filter, oil filter and fuel filters be changed at regular intervals to ensure peak performance. The air filters in all vehicles ensure that clean air enters through the intake and is delivered to the engine. The air that is delivered is thoroughly cleaned by the air filters, improving overall engine performance.

Clean oil decreases engine wear

Aside from your air filter, the use of the correct oil filters in a vehicle will add many years to its lifespan as there is less wear on the engine. The oil filter has the primary function of cleaning the engine oil of sediment. It is advisable to change the oil filters on vehicles at the standard suggested service intervals. If the service requirements state that the oil filter should be changed every 15 000 kilometres, then neglecting to change it at this given time could cause damage to the engine.

Keep you engine purring

Aside from ensuring that your engine filters oil correctly, attention must be paid to the fuel filter, which contributes to the smooth operation of any engine. The fuel filters on all vehicles should be replaced regularly to prevent unwanted particles getting into the fuel jets and carburettors. Dirty filters can cause the engine to splutter and misfire, eventually causing a complete loss of power and an increase in fuel consumption. Each and every filter, including the hydraulic filters, on a vehicle should be changed regularly to keep the vehicle running properly.