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Exhaust systems – there’s one in every vehicle

This system is designed to release the gases emitted by the engine. Most modern engines also have a converter to trap harmful gasses and not allow them to enter the environment. The world emissions standards require that all newly built vehicles are manufactured with a catalytic converter to reduce negative effects on the already damaged ozone layer.

Exhaust systems are critical

The exhaust parts make up the entire system that assists the vehicle to run efficiently. Broken or cracked exhaust manifolds will let harmful gases, usually caught by catalytic converters, out into the environment. Harmful gases such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are released if the exhaust is not working efficiently. Exhaust gases are filtered out of the engine and go via the manifold and then into the exhaust pipes and are fed to the converter to be cleaned.

Replacing exhaust systems

Fitting a new exhaust is very simple and requires going to an exhaust centre and letting them advise you on which replacement exhaust is most suitable for your vehicle. If the muffler box is damaged or rusted and the pipes are still in good condition on the exhaust, then a simple muffler box replacement is in order to restore the exhaust to perfect working condition. Even classic cars have exhausts that are similar to those in modern vehicles and work by the same principles. Through checking the exhaust on your vehicle on a regular basis you will ensure that it stays in top condition.