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Buy Euro1-/Euro2-/D3 Conversion

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What is a Euro1-Euro2-D3-Conversion kit?

If you have an old Euro1 vehicle it may have to be updated to the latest Euro2 standard for it be considered roadworthy. Many vehicle owners have no ideas as to how that’s done and why it is important. However, upgrading to the latest Euro2 has a number of advantages apart from emitting less harmful gases into the atmosphere. The biggest advantage is much better fuel consumption owing to improved intake efficiency. The other good thing about converting is that it increases the resale value of the vehicle since it means that people who buy it will not have to buy and install a conversion kit. That said when wanting to convert it is always a good idea to buy the best Euro1-Euro2-D3-Conversion kit available. That way you can be sure of its reliability and long life.

What does a good Euro 2 conversion kit consist of?

The Euro1-Euro2-D3-Conversion kit is mainly a kit which converts your Euro 1 compatible car to a Euro 2 compatible vehicle. It does this by replacing the pre-catalyst, changing the RPM and making a few other alterations. All of these alternations are made with the goal of ensuring that harmful gases do not escape into the environment through the vehicle. Now for some vehicles there may be a slight drop in performance when it comes to top speed or acceleration though that’s negligible if it is a good quality kit. When buying a branded kit from us you can be sure that it will include everything required to upgrade the vehicle to the required Euro2 standard and it will pass the fitness inspection too.

Conversion kits for all brands of vehicle currently has conversion kits for everything from Toyota vehicles to Hondas and VWs. So, regardless of the car you own there is a good chance that we have the required Euro1-Euro2-D3-Conversion kit on hand. What’s more is that we have worked hard to offer our buyers the best prices in the business. Which means that you don’t only benefit from a warranty but also competitive prices. In addition, all the kits are by highly reputed brands like HJS which has years of experience manufacturing quality parts. We welcome both individual buyers and those looking to make bulk purchases. Also, bulk buyers get access to special offers too when choosing to buy from