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Skid Plate
Skid Plate
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What is an Engine-Guard-Skid-Plate?  

An Engine-Guard-Skid-Plate or a skid plate as it is sometimes referred to is a highly durable, abrasion resistant material which is affixed to underneath the engine housing of a vehicle. The job of this skid plate as it is called is to prevent damage to the engine and other related parts when gravel or dust make connection with the engine from underneath. Skid plates are usually installed in off-road vehicles or those which have been lowered, but many cars may also have what’s called a fake skid plate to give the vehicle an off-road type look. Regardless of why you want to install a skid-plate it always makes sense to invest in one that’s highly durable. A durable plate will not just last long but will provide your car extra protection when on bad roads. In the UK it is especially useful for driving during snowy and wet conditions because that’s when the car may hit potholes or gravel uncontrollably.  

How to buy an engine guard for the car? 

Most people assume that all skid plates or engine guards have a standard size which fits all vehicles. But that’s not the case. Each type of vehicle is different, and so the kind of plate that it requires is also different in terms of thickness and dimensions. The best way to buy a skid plate for your vehicle is to search via its part number to find the right one. The other method is to look at the dimensions of the plate and buy one that matches. The other thing you’ll want to make sure of is that the Engine-Guard-Skid-Plate is manufactured by a reputed brand and comes with a warranty. That way if it does not live up to its promise you can get a refund or a free replacement.  

All branded skid plates under one roof sells a growing selection of branded and warranty backed Engine-Guard-Skid-Plate for all major brands of vehicles in the UK. We also sell generic size plates for cars that are rare or people who want to install it for aesthetic purposes. Also, all skid plates are competitively priced so you can be sure of saving money when choosing to buy from us. In addition, those who opt for bulk purchases can also hope to save money with occasional seasonal discounts and special offers available to regular buyers at