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What is a car buffer?

A car buffer or a car engine cover is a metallic cover which covers the engine, spark plugs, and a few other components. Though many people think that the cover serves a more cosmetic purpose, the fact remains that having a cover in place would mean that your engine is protected from water, rust and dirt that comes in from the road. While the car buffer can last for decades, an accident or rust would render it useless in which case getting it replaced would be a good idea.

When you need a replacement?

Open up the bonnet of your vehicle and start the car. If you see that the engine cover rattles excessively, feels loose or appears to be broken, bent or with lots of rust, it's time to get the cover replaced. Additionally, you'll also want to check for screws, mounts, and brackets that hold the cover in place. In most cases the cover along with all those extras holding it in place will also need to be replaced. Fortunately, the cover and the associated parts are easy to replace and comparatively cheaper.

All parts under one roof

We sell all car buffer parts for almost every vehicle in the UK. The parts we sell are manufactured by well-known brands such as 3RG, Febi Bil Stein, and Vaico among numerous others. However, in order to find the right part please search our website with the part number provided by your manufacturer. If you still find it difficult locating the right part do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away.