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Eibach Coil Springs

The suspension of a car is made up of parts like the steering system, tyres and wheels and the frame. Eibach coil springs are also part of the suspension because they compress and expand to absorb the motion of the wheels of a car. Eibach coil springs are important car parts because they support the weight of your car. There are a variety of springs for cars according to your vehicle's suspension design, but the more common one is the coil. A coil spring, or torsion spring, absorbs shock and maintains the force between two contacting surfaces. Eibach coil springs are designed to meet the requirements of racing.

Precision Engineered Eibach Coil Springs

A world famous brand, Eibach is known for its performance and suspension system components, including racing springs, sport and lowering spring kits and other parts. Eibach coil springs are precision-engineered. These parts are made from high quality high-tensile-strength steel which gives the springs performance and longevity. Even so, they are parts in the suspension system that are prone to damage. Looking for Eibach coil springs or other Eibach suspension components? At you get these spare parts at bargain prices. There are many coil spring replacements which are reliable and durable, but with the wrong price tag. At 123SpareParts you never settle for sub-standard coil springs and other car parts.