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What is a Car EGR Valve?

Car EGR valves are an innovative invention that recycle some of the engine’s fumes, allowing them to be combusted a second time. Although a simple idea, the process has many advantages. One such advantage is that this saves on fuel, adding up to put money in your pocket. The second is that the engine burns cooler and more efficiently, adding performance value to the vehicle. The third advantage is lower emissions from the vehicle, saving the environment. Hence, the importance of the car EGR valve cannot be overlooked and should be well maintained, since it is a long-term benefit.

Replacing Car EGR Valves

"The cost and effort of replacing a car EGR valve is moderate, but thankfully the part is generally designed to be easy to reach. Some savvy DIY car mechanics will manage the task without any real problem, but others may prefer to hand the task over to a professional. Either way, the part is not overly expensive and will pay for itself in the long run. Keep in mind that not all car EGR valves fit in all vehicles, and that a specific model may have to be sourced for your vehicle. With older model vehicles be sure to search at scrap yards."

The Cost of Replacing Car EGR Valves

It is possible to clean a car EGR valve and reuse it, so be certain that this is not possible before buying an entire new part. Otherwise, a new car EGR valve is not an overly expensive part and should not break the bank. Either way the part is essential for keeping your engine running at optimum performance and should not be overlooked. Contact your professional mechanic for more information.