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Buy EGR Vacuum Control Valve

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The function of an EGR vacuum control valve

What the EGR vacuum control valve does is that it controls the intake of air. The air is closed off in the valve and stopped from being released somewhere else, thus the pressure creates a vacuum and a suction action. These valves are used for many different machines and equipment devices other than vehicles. There are different types available for this reason.

How the EGR vacuum control valve actually works

This particular vacuum valve directs air in order to create a vacuum-like flow. An EGR vacuum control valve is used in vehicles that make use of vacuum pressure for applications and other controls in the vehicle. If you think of how a vacuum cleaner works, this is exactly what the EGR vacuum control valve does. A vehicle’s motor is continually pushing air in and out, and the vacuum is produced from the stroke of the motor, more specifically, where the crankshaft interacts with the piston and the air is sucked in. The air coming out on the other side will depend on whether the throttle butterfly is open or not.

Different EGR vacuum control valve options

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to an EGR vacuum control valve. Make sure that you know exactly what you need and have the specifications handy when searching for your part.