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What makes up the drive dynamics control in a car?

The drive dynamics control is essentially the broad term for wheel speed sensors, which are situated on the wheel hub of a car to determine the rate at which the individual wheels turn. The drive dynamics control components are relatively easy to replace, and new components can be fitted in a short time.

How do drive dynamics control components work?

Well, the wheel speed sensor calculates how fast the wheel turns every millisecond, and registers this within the on-board computer. The drive dynamics control or wheel speed sensor registers if the ABS braking system has locked the wheel and then sends a message to release the wheel. This stops the car from skidding. The easiest place to buy a new drive dynamics control unit is online. Log onto and punch your parts requirements into the search menu. Select the parts you require that are suitable to the make, model and engine size of your car, and add them to your online basket. Proceed to the checkout stage of the easy online purchase. Add in the delivery address that you want the parts delivered to and make the final online payment. All that you need to do now is to sit back in the comfort of your own home and wait for your parts to arrive.