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Door Lights in Cars

One great feature that can be found in most modern vehicles is a door light that illuminates when the door is opened, either by the driver or the passengers entering the car. These lights that illuminate the interior of the car serve a vital function for drivers and passengers by allowing them to see clearly when entering and exiting the vehicle. It is very difficult for a driver to find the ignition slot for an ignition key if the interior of a car is not illuminated. It is also difficult for passengers to find their seatbelts, read maps for directions, or even find their hot cup of coffee in the cup holder if there are no door lights in a vehicle.

When to Replace Door Lights in Cars

Usually door light bulbs last a very long time, but if you find that the door light is no longer illuminating the car, it might just be that the bulb is blown and needs replacement. There is usually a plastic housing that surrounds the bulb and this housing can be easily clipped off to gain access to the blown light bulb. Once the door light bulb is removed, it is easy to assess if the filament in the bulb is damaged and then determine if a new bulb is required. If it is not the bulb that is blown, it might be necessary to employ the services of an auto electrician to check the wiring of the door light.

If the Door Light Bulb is Faulty

If the door light bulb is blown, simply go online and punch in the year model and make of your car to locate the bulb that you require. Add in the delivery address details, either to be sent directly to your service centre or to your front door, conclude the online payment and wait for delivery.