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The differential – a powerful car part

Wheels and differentials are inextricably linked in cars and form the basic transmission or drivetrain for most vehicles. A gear is selected in the vehicle which then transfers power through the differential to the wheels which in turn propel the vehicle forward. There are many different kinds of differentials available which can be purchased as a replacement. With a new one in place the vehicle is often smoother with its gear selection and smoother to drive. The incorrectly sized wheels can also put undue stress on a differential and this in turn can hinder gear selection as well as put strain on the engine.

Which differential is correct?

The vehicles that operate with differentials, especially rugged terrain vehicles, are prone to breakage due to the exertion that they go through. This might require these vehicles to have new ones fitted more often than an urban vehicle that keeps its wheels predominantly on the open tarred road. Select gears carefully when driving and try to preserve the transmission at all times.

Take care of your differential

Cars are designed to withstand extreme terrain and weather but they still need to be treated with care to ensure they last for many years to come. Treat your cars well and they’ll respond by lasting a lifetime. Many a vehicle or engine is damaged through simple negligence while others last for many years. You choose which you want for your car and then ensure you treat it accordingly.