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The importance of a deflection pulley

The deflection pulley, in all cars, is a very important component. What the deflection pulley does is to create a guide for the V-belt in the car that drives many of the different engine components. This pulley creates tension on the V-belt and reduces any play in the V-belt itself, reducing wear-and-tear and increasing its lifespan. If the bearing in the pulley starts to wear out, there will be a noticeable side-to-side movement in the deflection pulley as well as excessive noise being emitted by it.

How to check the deflection pulley

The best way to ascertain if the deflection pulley in your car is faulty is to get your service centre to check it during the car’s annual service. They can check tension, wear-and-tear and the operation of the pulley, and advise you as to whether it needs to be replaced.

Where to buy your deflection pulley if it needs replacement

The most convenient purchase method is to purchase online through Go into the search menu at this online store and punch in your spare parts requirements. Add all the parts you need to your online basket and then move to the checkout stage of the online purchase. Add in the delivery address for your parts delivery and then make the easy online payment. Lastly, enjoy the fact that you didn’t have to leave home to make your parts purchase.