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Cylinder Head Gaskets in Cars

Every modern vehicle has a cylinder head gasket that maintains the integrity between the cylinder head and the engine block of the car. It forms a seal between the two parts and stops oil, which splashes around between the pistons and the cylinder head, from leaking out of the car. If the cylinder head gasket is broken or the material is compromised, the oil from the engine will be evident on the outside of the engine. This is when a new gasket needs to be purchased. It is a vital sealing component in any combustion engine.

What the Cylinder Head Gasket Does

The purpose of the head gasket is to maintain engine compression and avoid oil and coolant leakage from the engine. There are many different kinds of cylinder head gaskets and these can take the form of MLS (multiple layer steel) gaskets, solid copper gaskets, asbestos gaskets, graphite gaskets or elastomeric gaskets. By inputting the correct year model, make and engine size of your vehicle during the online selection and purchase of this part, it will ensure that the correct part is delivered right to your doorstep.

How to Check the Cylinder Head gasket

Typically, a compression test would be undertaken on the engine to check if the head gasket is faulty. Other signs that this gasket is faulty might be that the car is losing water, there is a hissing noise and steam coming from the engine bay or excessive steam coming out of the exhaust pipe. Other indicators of a damaged gasket are blue smoke being emitted from the exhaust pipe that indicates oil burning, and white smoke from the tail pipe that indicates coolant burning. If your car is showing any of these warning signs, it might be necessary to replace the cylinder head gasket on your car.