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Gasket Set, Crankcase
Gasket Set, Crankcase
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What is a crankcase and why is it important?

A car crankcase is a complex set of mechanical parts that connect the pistons to the driveshaft, which in turn delivers torque to the wheels of the vehicle. The whole car crankcase system requires regular maintenance and servicing. If any one of the parts fail, the whole system is likely to fail, leading to the whole crankcase to needing to be replaced. That said even a well-maintained crankcase will fail after a given number of years, and so it will need to be replaced.

How to know something is wrong?

When the crankcase fails, your car will not start. A failing crankcase will often sound like a piece of metal grinding within the vehicle. However, in some old vehicles, the car may still start but will abruptly stop because the pistons are unable to perform optimally despite there being fuel, air, and spark. It is strongly advised not to drive your car with a damaged or spoilt crankcase. If you experience any of these problems, it's time to visit a certified mechanic who will examine all the parts within your crankcase prior to recommending a complete replacement.

Buying the right one

We currently sell the highest quality crankcases in the UK, by well-known manufacturers such as BGA, so, you can always be assured of a high-quality product. However, to buy the right crankcase always match the part number of the existing one to the ones listed above (on our website). If you're still not sure, feel free to call or email us for assistance prior to making your purchase.