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febi Plus, Control Unit
febi Plus, Control Unit
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What is a Car Control Unit and why you need it? 

The Car Control Unit also referred to as the CCU is your vehicle’s onboard computer system. The unit is designed to control the overall functioning of the vehicle ranging from the amount of fuel is burnt to the amount of oxygen is absorbed by the vehicle. The control unit takes in information from all the sensors onboard and processes this information based on prevalent driving conditions to deliver optimum performance. However, all control units are different but are based on the vehicle’s type and vendor which means that they are not interchangeable. But when it fails or starts failing your car will not function as it should.

 How to know there is a problem with the CCU? 

Diagnosing a problem with the CCU is easier said than done. At least it cannot be done by the average car owner. Many of the symptoms of a bad CCU are common with other failing parts or problems. That said if you notice that your car suddenly shuts down, consumes more fuel or provides you with the wrong information onboard this could indicate an issue. However, the only way to know if the Car Control Unit needs to be replaced is to have a professional examine it. The professional will use his equipment to determine if in fact it merits a replacement.  

Original CCUs for all cars has been selling quality CCUs for just about every vehicle available and driven in the UK. The prices of these units will vary depending on the vendor and model of the vehicle. That said we sell them at highly competitive prices. Plus, you can be assured of free delivery when buying Car Control Unit and other parts from