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Control Unit, Glow Time
Control Unit, Glow Time
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What is a glow control unit?

A glow control unit as the term suggests is a device which controls the turning on and off of the glow plugs. It regulates exactly when which plug should light up and when it should go off. Every type of vehicle uses a slightly different type of control unit which is why they are not interchangeable. That said it is very important always to buy a control unit that bears the same part number of your existing one. However, some people may change the control unit types to enhance the performance of their vehicle.

How to know something is wrong?

Knowing that something is wrong with your glow control unit is evident from the performance of your car. If you experience sputtering or missing as it is called, there is a good chance that either the glow plug or the unit controlling it is not working properly. Additionally, there could also be an electrical problem so it would be a good idea to get the unit examined by a professional mechanic. Once the problem is found to be a bad glow control unit make sure to only buy a warranty backed branded replacement part.

All glow control units under one roof

We currently sell glow control units for an array of vehicles including trucks. We deal in brands such as Hella, Blue Print, and Vemo amongst many others. All the control units come backed by a warranty so you can always be sure that you're buying a high-quality product. If you still need help finding the right control unit, or you're not able to find one for your vehicle then get in touch with our specialists today over the phone or via email.