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Compressed Air Systems are Important

Compressed air systems are typically used on heavy trucks and buses. These compressed air systems can be divided up into a variety of categories, such as service brakes, parking brakes, control pedal, and an air storage tank. Other parts that make up the compressed air system are air dryers, cartridges, air tanks, hoses, connector pipes and pressure regulators. The parking brake operates on a disc or drum arrangement, which is designed to be held in the applied position by spring pressure. Air pressure has to be produced to release the parking break. Service brakes used for slowing or stopping get air that is routed under pressure to the brake chamber via the compressed air system and this stops the vehicle.

How Do Compressed Air Systems Work?

All compressed air systems require a supply system and a control system. The supply system compresses the air and stores it for when it’s needed within the vehicle. Compressed air systems are driven by the crankshaft pulley via a belt, or directly from the engine’s timing gears. The compressed air gets fed through a cooling coil and into a dryer to remove moisture and impurities. Compressed air systems are vitally important in heavy duty trucks.

Purchasing Your Compressed Air Systems and Parts Online

One of the easiest methods to purchase a compressed air system or parts for a system is to go online. Once online, punch in the vehicle make and model and find the parts that you require. Go to the checkout stage of the purchase, and punch in the delivery address where you want your online parts purchase to be delivered to. No longer is there any need for long trips to find a parts supplier that might not have the parts anyway. Online purchases are by far the easiest.