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Vehicle coil springs

Most modern vehicles have coil springs that make up an integral part of their suspension. These springs form part of the shock absorbers and reduce the transference of bumps and uneven road surfaces from entering the cabin of the car. Having the correct suspension in a vehicle is imperative for proper road holding and the safety of occupants. The handling of a vehicle can be hindered if the coil springs within the suspension are worn. Having the correct suspension also ensures that the vehicle’s occupants remain comfortable and reasonably well isolated from vibrations being picked up from the road. The correct suspension involves finding a balance between good road holding and the forces acting from the road into the car.

Coil springs make travelling easier

Having the correct coil springs fitted to the vehicle will ensure that the wheels maintain good contact with the tarmac and this will improve grip. With the invention of the internal combustion engine it became clear that a new type of suspension was required to allow for higher speeds and bumpier rides. Coil springs in vehicles can often be found surrounding the gas shock absorber and this combination is the most popular one for modern sedans and hatchbacks. These springs should be checked for wear and tear and, if there are signs of damage or corrosion, they should be changed immediately. Most coil springs are not expensive.

Coil springs are a must

If the coil spring broke in an older vehicle that had smaller wheels, it would often not damage the tyre. In modern vehicles, which are fitted with much wider wheels, damage to the sidewall of the wheel does often occur. To ensure you do not damage your tyres, have the coil springs in your car checked regularly.