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Bearing, Releaser, clutch
Bearing, Releaser, clutch
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A Squeaking Noise Is a Sign Your Clutch Releaser Is Failing

The clutch system has an important role for your car allowing you to put your manual transmission car in gear as your vehicle gets going. The clutch releaser, or throw-out bearing, is found between the clutch fork and the pressure plate fingers and operates when the clutch pedal is depressed. With a clutch releaser, when the driver steps on the clutch pedal, the clutch releaser applies force to the spinning pressure plate to release the clutch.

Power Flow from Engine to Transmission Interrupted

Clutch releaser wear occurs when there is insufficient clutch play. This leads to a throw-out bearing that continuously spins. Clutch parts such as the clutch releaser won't require regular maintenance, but needs to be replaced with aging. When a clutch won't release, it could mean a stretched release cable or a faulty slave- or master clutch cylinder. The throw-out bearing puts pressure on the pressure plate fingers so that the clutch can be released. A stretched cable can stop the driver from shifting the transmission from neutral into gear, cause the engine to stall at a stop sign, as well as make a grinding sound from the gears. Saving money is what buying clutch releaser parts from is about. With discounts and offers, paying full price is eliminated and you get quality clutch parts from leading brands, such as LUK.