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The importance of your car clutch

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The importance of your car clutch

The job of a car clutch is to disengage and then reengage the shaft from the engine or the driving mechanism from the engine. Most clutch parts sit between the transmission and the engine of a vehicle in a manual transmission. Problems with the clutch include a delayed release, problems with transferring power and grinding noises when the clutch is engaged. If left unchecked and not fixed for an extended period of time can cause problems with the engine. It can also make the car dangerous to drive.

When you start experiencing problems with your clutch it's important to first get it checked by a certified mechanic. The mechanic should be able to isolate and diagnose the problem. He will then recommend replacing parts such as the flywheel, pressure plate or clutch cable for instance. In most vehicles replacing clutch parts can only be done by a mechanic. These parts are not user serviceable or repairable in most cases which is why they need to be replaced by genuine, manufacturer recommended parts.

Buy high quality replacement parts

We sell all car clutch related replacement parts for some of the most popular vehicles in the UK. We strongly advise that buyers buy by matching the part number of their existing clutch parts with ones listed on our website. Buying the exact same parts will improve the performance and life of your engine. It will also make it fun to drive. If you have a problem locating the right parts for your vehicle, then do not hesitate to call us right away. Our professionals will then help you locate the right replacement parts.