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Lock up with central locking

Vehicles are manufactured either with or without central locking. Do not be concerned if the vehicle you own, or are purchasing, does not have this type of door and boot locking as it can be added as an aftermarket fitment. There are two types of central locking. The first is key-operated by putting the car key in the door and turning it. This turning of the key then opens all of the car doors. The second kind is remote operated locking which is initiated from a remote. Both these types of locking can be easily fitted as an aftermarket fitment. There is also what is termed selective central locking, which opens only the driver’s door when the remote is pressed once. If the remote is pressed a second time, all of the other doors will also unlock.

Central locking is a must

The ease brought by having this type of locking in your vehicle makes it worth the purchase. If your vehicle is not fitted with central locking, having it fitted will make your life that much easier. Opening your car doors at night is a prime example of why this type of locking is so beneficial. Have you ever tried to open a car door at night in the pouring rain with a key? It’s not easy. Whereas, with remote operated locking, one push of the button will unlock your door before you even reach the car.

Central locking safety

Apart from the ease of access to a vehicle that central locking offers, it is also a great safety feature as you can lock all doors simultaneously from inside the vehicle. This means that thieves cannot get your car door open. Central locking should form part of each and every vehicle, as it adds to the security of, and adds value to, the vehicle. Quick delivery right at the footsteps of your door is possible on our online shop.