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Switch, Child Lock/Door Lock
Switch, Child Lock/Door Lock
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Car Central Locking Systems – Designed With Convenience in Mind

Car central locking systems were designed with convenience in mind, simply allowing all doors to be locked by the activating of the driver’s side door. Naturally this little convenience saves time and effort, preventing the driver from having to lock each door individually. It is found standard in many vehicle models, and can even be fitted in a vehicle that is without the feature, using a bit of money and effort. If the car central locking system fails, however, it can be a simple or expensive problem to solve, depending on what the issue is.

Fitting Car Central Locking Systems on Vehicles

Most vehicles with a locking system are capable of having a car central lock system installed, with a few exceptions. The amount of time and money required in some cases, however, makes it questionable as to whether the overall cost is worth it. If you would like to install a car central locking system in your vehicle, contact a mechanic and ask for advice as in some cases it may be easier than expected. In other cases the cost involved may simply outweigh the added convenience.

Integrating Car Central Locking Systems with Alarm Systems

Many vehicles have the car central locking system working in conjunction with the alarm system, allowing the car doors to be unlocked and alarm to be disabled with the simple press of a button. If you have a car central locking system it can be integrated with your alarm, and the cost of this should be fairly reasonable. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that some old model vehicles that feature car central lock systems may not be compatible with alarm systems, depending on the technology used. Consult a mechanic to learn more about the potential for such integration.