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Catalytic Converter
Catalytic Converter
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Catalytic converters are environmentally friendly

The catalytic converter is an integral part of a vehicle which ensures that carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, as well as many other harmful emissions, are filtered properly. Catalytic converters are essential to keep our environment clean by collecting harmful gases and emitting clean exhaust gases which have passed through the device. Each catalytic converter is made from precious metals such as platinum and palladium and is specifically designed to enhance the cleanliness of the air being emitted from the engine.

The catalytic converter – complying with worl emission standards

Most motor manufacturers fit catalytic converters to their vehicles to ensure that they comply with the world emission standards. The engine management system monitors the benign gasses being emitted from the engine to ensure that the air has been sufficiently cleaned as it has made its way through the particle filter of the catalytic converter and then out of the exhaust of the vehicle.

Go green in your vehicle

With stricter and stricter emission control on vehicle exhaust emissions, the catalytic converter can be found as a standard feature on most vehicles. This move to cleaner vehicles has become an industry norm with the catalytic converter being an integral part of vehicles coming off of assembly lines. The implementation of the catalytic converter to vehicles has become an important feature as manufacturers need to comply with the ever-increasing pollution and emission laws which require them to sell vehicles that do not have a negative bearing on the environment.