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Rack, Roof Rack
Rack, Roof Rack
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Carrier Equipment to Suit Your Lifestyle

Roof racks, cargo boxes, bicycle racks or trunk racks -what kind of vehicle rack fits your lifestyle? Bike carrier equipment can be mounted as a trailer hitch or on the roof. Car top carriers add storage space to your vehicle. Canoe carriers, for instance, can be a roller system where padded wheels make it easy for loading and unloading. Carrier equipment for surfboards make use of pad and strap systems and these can be attached to current roof racks, or wrapped around a roof with no rack.

Versatile Roof Top Carriers

Trunk mount carriers are a popular kind of bike rack. They fit multiple different cars and are the least expensive kind of carrier equipment. A roof top carrier may be more expensive, but it's the most versatile. An example of the beauty of this equipment is that it can be adapted to transport your bike with or without the front wheel on. Specialised carrier equipment is made for vehicles which can't take rooftop, trunk or hitch carriers. So how do you know if the Thule, Westfalia, or Vaico brand carrier equipment is best for you. At you can enter your vehicle information and compare the features and prices offered by each carrier brand. Before installing carrier equipment, check your vehicle's manual to determine the maximum allowable weight your car's roof can accommodate.