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Carburettor System Mixes Right Amount of Air and Gasoline

The goal of the carburettor system is to mix gasoline with air in the proper ratio so that the engine runs properly. The type of engine you have will determine which carburettor system is used. For instance, in high performance engines, a number of carburettors may be used to deliver the required amount of fuel. To do this, the system is made up of a series of fixed and variable jets, pumps, passages and ports. There are basic components to a carburettor system such as the idle and low speed system, choke system, acceleration pump system, float systems and high speed or main metering system.

Important Parts Make up Carburettor System

With new cars, fuel injection is more common, but all old cars use a carburettor system because they are inexpensive. There are a number of systems common with all carburettors and these are power-, acceleration pump-, choke-, float-, idle and low speed- and high speed systems.

Optimum Performance from Reliable Source

Not enough air mixed with fuel can cause damage to the engine. The carburettor itself can also cause flooding problems. Keep your engine running at peak performance by ordering your carburettor system parts from By making use of the easy ordering system, you can find the right quality, affordable car part you need from leading brands such as Vaico, Metzger and Van Wezel, which all deliver optimum performance.