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Camshaft Lubrication - a Bigger Challenge at the Coast

A camshaft uses cams, or lobes, which push against the valves to open them as the camshaft rotates. Camshaft lubrication is important as it has an impact on an engine's performance at different speeds. For a phosphate-coated camshaft for instance, it is important to use engine assembly camshaft lubrication. Lubrication for the camshaft needs to cling to the engine parts to prevent metal-to-metal contact during start-up, until the oil-flow from the pump takes over.

Lubrication Which Coats Metal Parts

Driving at the coast presents a bigger challenge with camshaft lubrication to keep your cams working smoothly. High strength aluminium alloys used in the cam lobes are susceptible to saltwater corrosion. Metolius Cam Lube, for instance, is wax-based lubrication that coats the metal parts. If you are driving in dusty conditions, camshaft lubrication shouldn't be oil-based. Oil-based lubricants attract dust and Metolius Cam Lube, for example, is wax-based and repels dirt. With its self-cleaning action, the camshaft lubrication reduces wear by shedding dirt.

What's Stopping You from Using 123SpareParts?

If the camshaft is in the engine block, then it will be lubricated through the main bearings. If you are looking for Febi Bilsein camshaft lubrication, oils, car parts and spares, why not try With low prices, great brands and superb customer services, the question is: Why wouldn't you use them for your camshaft requirements?