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What are cable linkages and how are they used?


Cable linkages as the term suggests helps to link cables to a moving part like the peddle of the accelerator to the throttle mechanism of the engine. However, that’s just one example of a cable that uses two linkages. That said linkages and cables are becoming a rarity in modern vehicles that now rely on hydraulics and sensor technologies which tend to be a lot more precise. But if you own an older vehicle then chances are that you need to get the cables, and the linkages changed when they start showing signs of wearing out. Generally speaking, the majority of cables should be replaced every 50,000KMs.


Buy durable cables and linkages


Your car is only as good as the cable that connects its various parts. If a cable fails i.e. breaks, then the car may not be able to move or may not function correctly. It is for this reason that it’s a good idea to invest in branded and strong cable linkages. Fortunately, cables and their associated linkages are not expensive and not hard to replace either taking just a few minutes on average. Knowledgeable vehicle owners themselves can also replace cables.


Save money when you by cables


We sell an assortment of durable and branded cables which can be used in any vehicle. All you need is to buy the right size cable linkages. In addition, our buyers save via a series of flash sales and special discounts. Anyone who buys today from also benefits from free shipping.