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What is a bulb stop light and why do you need it?


A bulb stop light is also commonly referred to as a daytime running light, brake light, bulb light, etc. However, regardless of what they are called all of these bulbs serve one purpose and that is to shine brightly during the day. The bulbs are exceptionally bright especially because they need to indicate that the brakes are applied, or the car is at a stop. Some cars even use these bulbs as daytime lights which help pedestrians, and other drivers know that there is a car coming from the other side during the day or dim lighting conditions. That said since these lights are a safety feature it is important that they be replaced as soon as its burns out.


Replacing running bulbs in your car


Fortunately, it's easy to replace bulb stop light in most modern vehicles. All that’s required is a screwdriver to undo the light assembly and take it out. Then it's only a matter of taking out the old bulb and replacing it with the new followed by putting everything back together. However, the important thing to keep in mind is to replace the bulb with one that’s exactly of the same type and wattage. You wouldn’t want to replace it with anything significantly brighter or dimmer or larger for that matter because the housing may not accommodate it.


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