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Superb Brightness with Bulb Spotlight

When it comes to car bulb spotlights, aspects such as beam angle, brightness and price are important factors. Some spotlights have interchangeable covers and variable lenses which all contribute to shaping the light for various applications. LED bulb spotlights have become popular, but some drivers say they can't produce the 1-kilometre-distance illumination that big halogen spotlights can.

Vibration Reduces Bulb Life

Each of the LED, Halogen and Xenon bulb spotlights have their own pros and cons

but to prolong the bulb life of your spotlights you should place them on the most solid base possible, because vibration reduces the bulb life of spotlights. Remember that no spotlight can be fitted to a vehicle operated on a public road that doesn't comply with specifications. When it comes to bulb spotlights, you can take your pick from a broad range of spotlights that range from small compact lighting systems to powerful spotlights for 4x4 vehicles, trucks and buses. If you choose from the Philips X-treme Vision range, you'll be looking at the ultimate maximum performance spotlight bulb which beams up to 130 metres. The car parts and accessories you want are available at affordable prices at There is never a reason for bulb spotlights to be expensive, even when you're buying from leading brands. This webshop offers a bigger bulb spotlight range than you'd ever get at a traditional car spares shop.