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ORIGINAL, Bulb, Daytime Running Light
ORIGINAL, Bulb, Daytime Running Light
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Why is a good Bulb-reverse-light so important?

The reverse light or indicator as it is called in the UK is necessary because it visually indicates that the car is in reverse. Each time you put the car in reverse, the Bulb-reverse-light will flash indicating that the car is moving backward and signaling that anyone in the way should move out. But when it is spoilt or burnt out as it can usually be the case it does not send this signal which is a potential safety hazard for pedestrians and bystanders. A good reverse bulb has an extended life and is reliable. So, it does not have to be changed so often. Also, a good bulb comes backed by a warranty so you can trust its quality.

Changing the reverse bulb

Changing the Bulb-reverse-light is very easy in most vehicles. It just requires taking the indicator lights apart and inserting the new bulb. The exact way in which is done varies slightly from one vehicle to the next. Though because it is considered part of the car’s general maintenance, you’ll find it outlined in your vehicle’s user manual. Alternatively, some car manufacturers like Ford, Mercedes and BMW will have online tutorials on how this can be done. You can be assured of the fact that it is easy and takes just a few minutes. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to change the reverse bulb with one which has the same specifications.

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